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Does anyone out there know where I can apply myself as a German/English translator. I want to go to?

... Nashville Tennessee, but I cannot find anything. I would love to work in a hotel and help out tourists. When I looked it up everything else came ...

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What is the correct to call myself if my dad is Mexican born in Mexico my mother German born/USA?

I was also born in the USA am I hispanic or Mexican American?

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What type of dog should I get?

I was thinking about dogs like the German Sheperd, Pomeranion, and/or some type of terrier please help!

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Math riddle?

There are 100 students ( 75 speak English, 83 of them speak German, 10 of them don't speak any language) How many of this students speak two languages.

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Need german to translate this please (tried google)?

this is a conversation between me and a friend, each line is a separate sentence... ja alerdings ich bin seid 3 ...

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Survey about the german language?

Survey: I have to do a survey for school and I need your help. Can you answer these 3 questions. Thank you :) How does the german ...

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