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Goldfish fry?

When do I start to feed newborn goldfish fry?

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Goldfish Tank Size?

I have a common goldfish who is 7 years old and I am moving cross country. My initial plan was to take him with me but I won’t be able to put ...

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All at once I notice my daughters 5 year old goldfish hadn’t eaten in a while, was sitting at the...

... bottom of the tank with a bloody nose (soon observed trying to jump out of the tank) and blood coming out of his gills. Convinced he was in pain ...

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How do you hold your goldfish?

Hi, I own 3 comet goldfish and recently I got a Nymph Goldfish. I see people on youtube holding their goldfish and the goldfish ...

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Can I get a snail in my tank?

I have three two inch goldfish. I know I am cutting it close in a ten gallon tank, but would a snail or two be ok? I know they clean the ...

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If you add a new fish in a tank, would the other fish bully the new fish or will they get along well

I'm thinking of adding a new goldfish to my tank because one ...

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Why are my goldfish's fins turning black?

On both of my ryukin goldfish the tips of their fins are developing black on them. They were never black. My comet goldfish is ...

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Can a small comet goldfish live in a pond with large koi fish?

So currently I have 3 comet goldfish in my aquarium, but I want to put them in my pond which contains of ...

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