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What material will be best to sew into my mens under ware to absorb urine and not leak?

I leak urine during day and night. When I am more active, playing golf or mowing lawn I leak more and sometimes the urine gets onto my jeans or ...

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What are the best options to learn golf in Singapore?

What are the best options to learn golf in Singapore?

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Clothing - golf shorts with a logo that looks like a horn with a half a ball to its right?

I believe that I purchased them from Kohl's but I'm not sure. Any ideas whose logo this is? I can post a picture if someone knows how to ...

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I am legally blind but desperately want to golf. is there a way for me to golf and track my ball?

Basically do they make a tracking device easy to use so I can hit my ...

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Can I fit golf clubs in an audi a2?

I want to buy my wife an audi a2, can I fit a golf bag in the boot? Or across rear seat.

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Im a 24 year old female and I have a golf ball sized lump on the right side of my neck/ shoulder?

... above my collarbone. it is rock hard and immoveable. it does not ...

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What is marketing?

A leading hotel is going to sponsor for a golf tournament,where 15 countries going to participate.sponsorship amount is 15 million. how do you justify ...

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