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If a child is born on 12/02/2016, and it’s 2023, what grade would they be in for the 23-24 school?

I’m just curious. What grade would they be going into for the 2023-3024 school year?

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I like this boy and known him for along time does he like me????

So i liked this boy that was in a lot of my classes last year and he liked me and im in 7th grade btw i have known him for along time and this ...

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This boy at my school looks at me like a lot?

and people know i like him he does minor and major things looks at me when im not looking i like him he's in my grade but does he like me ive ...

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What is high school like for those of you who went to high school?

What's it like? Big, small, scary, exciting, fun, loud? Please explain because I'm going into ...

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What makes you have to go to summer school? Do you have to go if you pass your finals?

Hey, I'm in 9th grade and this year I fooled around a lot and didn't care ...

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My friend was treating me like she was in charge?

Today we were at BBQ's because we graduated fifth grade and the whole time she was telling me what to do. I was ...

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Should I tell him?

I am a 17 year old girl and I have liked a guy in my class since 7th grade. I am now in 10th grade and am still in the same class as him. He is the ...

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How to make butt and boobs bigger?

I'm 13 and a 34-A I have a very flat butt. Many guys in my grade have told me that they would date me only if I had a bigger butt ...

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