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How do I find information on my grandfather who served in WWII? He was a POW, but liberated?

My grandfather was shot down during WWII and was taken prisoner. While he was liberated, he spoke very little about the situation. I was hoping to ...

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How can I preserve my grandfathers DNA?

DNA preservation in the hope of resurrection in the future.

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Railroad - I have an old piece of rail that my grandfather used as an anvil.

It has raised letters that say "ILLINOIS G". Does anyone know what this means?

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Baby names/nicknames?

My father passed away two years ago and I would love to name my son after his grandfather. My fathers first name was Luigi, I am looking for ...

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How do I go about finding my grandfather's birth family?

My grandfather was given up for adoption at birth, he doesn't talk about and refuses to. I'm trying to ...

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Is my name passed down from my grandfather?

(I’ll use John Edward Doe for an example) Okay so my grandfather, John Edward Doe is the third. His father and ...

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How do I find out where my grandfather was born? He was born 4/9/1896 & died 2/11/1965 in Dearborn,?

... MI How doI find out if he was adopted? how do i find out my ...

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Can I use Club Soda to clean my Belt Buckle?

My grandfather had a belt buckle, Now I have it and I want to make it sparkle. Can I use club soda to shine it up?

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