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which of the waters will allow better photosynthesis (therefore greater oxygen release), boiled water, sparkling water or tap water? is there any ...

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Is sin equal?

Perhaps I should clarify, it occured to me in God's word that he says, that no sin is greater than another, so would that mean that lying about your ...

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When 2/3 is added to a certain number, the sum is 3 greater than twice the number?

Part A: Set up an equation using n to represent the number. Part B: Solve the ...

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Formula for Excel?

I use Excel 2007.I need formula for my issue. If for example A1 cell and B1 cell is both greater than 1 at the same time it should show False in E1 ...

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A seed company planted a floral mosaic of a national flag?

The perimeter of the flag is 2,120 ft Determine the flag's width and length if the length is 400 ft ...

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