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Do I have gum disease?

I've noticed that my gums are receding, and I know that that can be a sign of gum disease. However, my gums only bleed when I brush too hard on ...

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Effects of chewing gum?

Finding conflicting info on chewing gum before and after meals. Does it stimulates stomach acid or neutralize it? Should I chew gum after full ...

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Can a broken front tooth be repaired with a post?

Had root canal done 3 yrs ago. Bit into an apple and snapped same front tooth at gum line. Can now feel drill hole. Can this tooth be repaired with ...

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What does this problem mean? (It is for math)?

At the grocery store, you bought a pack of gum for seventy-nine cents, a chunk of cheese for a dollar and eighty-five ...

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What middle name would flow well with a boy who'll have the first name Levi last name Gum?

My wife and I are see soon to be first time parents and she is dead set on the ...

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I didn't mean to?

Im 11 and I accidently stole a pack of gum I didn't mean to I put it in my pocket cuz I was going to put it back but when I was checking out I ...

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Dental implant gum problem?

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Tooth decaying and maybe infection?

My tooth is decaying and a few others around gum above the tooth is numb and so part of my like the left side of my mouth ...

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