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Need help finding rock song?

part of the lyrics are from a 911 phone call which is "what do you mean by your brothers dead? he killed himsel. how did he do it? with a ...

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Stats Probability need help bad?

A recent survey on Canadian Firearms Regulations suggested that 71.4% of Canadians supported stronger gun laws, while 28.6% believe that ...

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Are Rubber Band Guns legal in Singapore? Like those that shoot rubber bands?

Some people say they are illegal in Singapore, but some say they aren't. I personally ...

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Please help me! I recently got my ears pierced with a gun and it became infected and they are so?

... swollen that my earring is sinking into my ear! I'm getting ...

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Can a policeman use a handheld speed gun at night? And when using them do they have to stop you?

I mean do they have to stop you at the road side to show you the read out ...

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