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Do I Need a DJ set up for a christmas party, or just a simple amplifier?

Me and my coworkers are having a Christmas party and I was appointed as the DJ. This party is pretty upscale and its going to be in a hall. Now I ...

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School - Can Light Fixtures be in the hall ways in reach of all students?

if it is turned off then cant people get hurt in a dark hall way

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I have purchased from iagogo immediately tickets went on sale for Royal Albert Hall are they valid?

The seat numbers were not confirmed on my order confirmation but the seat location and row were. Is it likely the tickets will also be with a name ...

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Schools - Okay, so I'm 14 and I'm having problems at school. I have friends at my school but not a?

... lot. Whenever I walk down the halls I can hear people whisper to ...

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How long is or was your study hall in school?

i am writing a persuasive essay on how long our study hall is in school. right now it is 25 minutes and i am persuading ...

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I want to ask my guy friend to prom, but he goes to school in a different state. How should I ask?

He's in college. I know his friends on his hall so i could get ...

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Which political theory defines the different responsibilities for each branch of government?

I am currently working on Prentice Hall United States History assignment.

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Hall Time?

I am doing research on how long people have in the hallways at middle school. :)

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