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Trying to find out how and where you check a log when and error comes up?

All of a sudden in right hand corner of tv screen it will say...no streaming available check your log. What and where is the log? This happened on ...

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My boyfriend greets like a girl. Why is that?

He likes women very much but it’s a mystery to me when his hands moves like a girl.

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Large bright red spider with stripes on legs?

When I was younger (about 8 or 9) I saw a large bright red spider with stripes on its legs. It was probably about the size of my hand, and it was in ...

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Why my clean hand washed dishes smell like a wet dog?

I wash dishes often with expencive fairy liquid. Allso I keep sink and dish accessories clean and hygienic as ...

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Answer this ?? One rabbit saw 6 elephants while going towards River. Every elephant saw 2?

... monkeys are going towards river. Every monkey holds one parrot in their ...

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If I girl lets me touch her ass how often do I do it (were just mates)?

while we were hugging i just put my hands on her ass and she was cool with it, then i squeezed it ...

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Where is the modern day proof that Yahweh is a living being. Tangible proof?

I dont want bible quoted as an answer, I can defend the historical and theological validity ...

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Health - I have a small hole in the palm of my right hand it is kind of deep and has some kind of?

... pimple or something inside it would someone be able to tell me ...

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