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What could be my average grade percentage if?

I have a Quiz average of (69.75%) weighted 40% and a Unit Test(78.50%) weighted 60% what is my average grade? Also, my final is weighted 25% and ...

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Boyfriend's Orthodox Jewish parents won't meet me?

I’ve been dating my boyfriend for 1.5+ years now and haven't met his parents because they are Orthodox Jews and I am non-religious. ...

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I haven't been feeling like myself lately?

Last week I felt like myself; outgoing, hyper, crazy, cute, I just have a alot of personality and I make everyone laugh. At the ...

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I'm 13 years old and I havent started my period and have NO boobs. What can I do to make them grow?

I am premature by 3 months. I have been having some pains in my ...

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Would my boyfriend mind that I have stretch marks and dark inner thighs?

im really worried about it. im 22 and still a virgin. we're together for almost a year. we ...

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How do I tell my boyfriend that I don't want to have sex?

Ok, im 17 almost 18 & me & my boyfriend have been dating for a year & a half & we haven't ...

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Is it normal that I'm 16 and I've never had my first kiss ?

I recently turned. 16 and I still haven't had my first kiss or an actual bf yet all of my friends have ...

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