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How do I factory reset i18 tws wireless headphones?

My earbuds are dropping out and not staying paired I read online that a factory reset will solve the issue but cannot find the model of earbuds ...

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Audio - I want to use bluetooth headphones for someone hard of hearing and still have external?

... speakers on. Using Yamaha tuner RX-V477. Tuner does not have bluetooth looking at a bluetooth transmitter/reciever to achieve results. Can I ...

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Can someone tell me what the fear of electric chair is?

My BFDI of Bluey who has purple headphones on constantly and is a mixture of fire and ice has the fear of electric chairs and being electrocuted. Can ...

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I'm looking for wireless headphones that someone can wear while watching TV but at the same time?

allowing someone watching the same show to hear WITHOUT the headphones. ...

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Headphone or watches ?

Which should i buy first ?

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How do I turn the Headphones off my iPod Touch?

I have a problem with my iPod Touch. You know how you can pull the headphones out of your iPod Touch & listen to music ...

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Im going on a 4 hour bus ride with church and I dont know what to do?

We are leaving at 4:30 in the morning and once im awake i cant go back to sleep, so no sleeping. We ...

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Harbor Freight Wireless headphones problem?

So i bought some wireless headphones from harbor freight and they didnt work. Months later, aka now, i tried using them and ...

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