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Problem with propane heater in camp trailer Im living in here in Montana?

My brother got my propane heater going in the camp trailer im living in here in Montana but there is an odd smell in the trailer now and I'm ...

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After shutting off the water from entering my water heater I still have a leak, how do I stop leak?

I shut off the valve but I still have water filling up the tank.

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Do I really need to have a heater in my kitchen?

I am thinking of removing my storage heater from my kitchen. Do I really need a heater in my kitchen? is it sensible ...

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If you could choose, which one would you pick?

A wood burning Air Heater or a regular gas burning Air Heater for your home. Wood burning Air Heaters are better for the ...

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Why won't my electric hot water heater heat my water up?

Someone tried resetting it and I had someone replace the elements and the breakers, and I still have no hot water.

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What should my thermostat be set to at night during the cooling season?

So that my energy consumption bill is reduced.

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