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Algebra math question about a guy running in 3 different speed and time total?

so a guy start running from his house on flat road, of which he ran on a speed of 8 miles/h, then he climbed a hill at the speed of 6 miles/h and ...

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A soccer ball is kicked from the top of a hill that is 5.4 meters high. It lands in a field 8?

... meters away. What is the initial velocity with which it was kicked?

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An elephant is pushing a log up a hill?

if the force of friction is 1200N, the mass is 1500kg, and the acceleration is 0.1m/s^2, what is the force of the elephant??

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Is online Beting or online Gambling legal in India?

There are various online bidding and online gambling sites like bet365, William Hill who accepts online bidder and ...

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Where are the best Hill Stations in India?

I am planning a visit to India but can you tell me about some great hill stations in India and if possible provide some links ...

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Did I ruin my car? Please help!?

I was driving up a hill covered in ice and snow and the only way I made it was flooring the gas peddle all the way to the floor. While my ...

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