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Who said the quote "If the Nazi's didn't exist, Hollywood would have made them up"?

I know this is a real quote but I can't remember who said it or where I heard it.

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Why Hollywood hasn't yet produced a major A-class movie about Hitler?

This one might seem a sensitive topic, but I wonder, why A. Hitler didn't get any serious Hollywood flick. After all, this guy, however mental ...

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What would you ask the boy band group The Filharmonic?

For the podcast, Margaritas with Young Hollywood.

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Why do we worship hollywood?

i think it's ok to have a favorite movie or celebrity but i think the celebrity lifestyle has been over romanticized in the past 10 - 20 ...

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When did Hollywood star Paul Walker d**?

Like when did he die? i know he died because he drove a Red Porsche too fast, crashed into a light pole, and the whole car caught ...

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Where Can I Watch Movies Online In HD ?

Can any one suggest me a website where i can watch hollywood movies online in HD from my home at weekends ?

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Can you still become famous if your not pretty?

I really love to sing but I'm not the Hollywood type of pretty. I don't have a cute nose, I have frizzy hair, my ...

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Hollywood songs?

whats are some songs that has the word Hollywood in it or in the title?

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