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I got this trainer ID and is it good for shiny hunting?

I just started up Pokémon Platinum and was hoping for a shiny ID. But I’m not super great with all the calculations it takes to find out ...

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Setup a 243 gun?

l'am going moose hunting with the 243 and l want to know how to set it up

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Do you have any questions about Japan?

Hi, I'm a Japanese student. I'm curious to know what you think bad or weird about us. For example religion or whale ...

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I have a question why do I keep having the same dreams over and over again?

I have this dream that my boyfriend left me forever and I just don't understand is it ...

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Hi Im 17 years old I live in ireland and I want to get a gun licence for hunting what do I do????

I want to get a gun license for hunting in ireland and im 17 years old ...

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What is the title of this manga?!?

Main character is female and attends high school. However, she is possessed by a demon/ghost hunting shinigami whom only appears when a ...

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Did the Greek Goddess Artemis live alone?

Artemis was the Greek Goddess of hunting and the moon.

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