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Can someone tell me what the fear of electric chair is?

My BFDI of Bluey who has purple headphones on constantly and is a mixture of fire and ice has the fear of electric chairs and being electrocuted. Can ...

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Google - I have been trying to get 5/8 x 2 inch pieces of acrylic rods to crackle. I have placed the

... pieces in a pan of boiling water and then into ice water hoping to get them to crackle. Nothing I have done has worked. Any thoughts on how to ...

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Found yesterday on beach @ Cape Disappointment, Wa?

Appear as clear, flexible mollusk shells & were littering the beach. They appeared almost like ice visually. Can I send a picture??

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Is eating ice good for you?

i think i have an addiction eating ice.

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Am I healthy?

i have really unhealthy habits but i'm not fat or chubby so i don't know? everyday i play the computer and eat cheetos, cool whip, ice cream and ...

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How do you call this thing?

I'm not enlish, so I would like to know, how do you call those things, that the person have in hands: ...

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If humans are 400,000 years old that could mean there could be remnents of a civilization right?

in antartica hidden under the ice.the reason i think humans are that old ...

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