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Why did Bing image background turn white?

Recently when opening Bing the image in the background turns white?

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How do you make (code) a "Pop-Up Box"?

There's a video hosting site that has an embed option where some text or an image shows and when you click on it a box pops up (not a new tab or ...

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Why won't soundcloud let me change my profile picture?

Okay, So I went to my profile and clicked on edit and then "choose new image" then it brings up my ...

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Why do Christians not like gay people?

God makes people in his image so why would he make gay people.and please don't tell me being gay is a choice because it is ...

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Why is God's appearance beyond human understanding? I know why but I mean, why can't we understand?

It says in scripture that God created us in his image, and this made ...

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How do you call this thing?

I'm not enlish, so I would like to know, how do you call those things, that the person have in hands: ...

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How to make a title image in html?

By title image i mean the small icon beside your title on a tab, like a G icon for google and the red play button for youtube. I tried ...

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