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My nose hoop is stuck in my nose. The little gap is stuck in the hole and when I try to move it...

...the piercing has made another hole and is now bleeding and getting infected. I’ve tried soaking and cleaning it then moving it. I’ve ...

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Got it pierced a couple days ago. I've been cleaning it with salt water wash. Hurts when I clean it.

... and some cream colored snot kinda put comes out. Does this mean it's infected? What do I do?

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We know the probability of an event happening is 100%, then the even is a certainty?

Can it be concluded that if there is a 50% chance of contracting a communicable disease through contact with an infected person, that there would be ...

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How long does it take a cut in your mouth to heal?

I have moderate lacerations in my mouth that I think have gotten infected. The pain of brushing my teeth is unbearable. ...

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Is it common for a dentist to break a file off in the tooth during a root canal?

If it is common for a file to be broken off in the tooth is it common for a dentist to ...

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Please help me! I recently got my ears pierced with a gun and it became infected and they are so?

... swollen that my earring is sinking into my ear! I'm getting ...

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Can a past pleural effusion infected person donate blood in future?

I was tested positive with Pleural Effussion in 2011. I went medical treatment and recovered after 2 ...

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