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Should I stop taken my antibotic when diarrhea starts in case of C. diff recurrent?

I have had C. diff twice, if not three times now, and now feels I am getting it again. I just started a course of antibiotics for a sinus infection ...

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So my son has had ear infections in the past, he just had what seemed to be a cold, but was...

...treated for an ear infection. My doctor wanted to see his ears after the antibiotics. He said they looked great but that he wanted to put him on a ...

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I have a burning sensation when I pee. I think it could be a urinary tract infection?

I also lost my virginity recently, about 2-3 months ago. Please tell me how to get ...

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Help me because I'm worried?

I suffer from water infections (I don't know if it's relevant or not) and it hurts when I go to the toilet. But recently it hurts ...

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Will ebola become a pandemic?

Ebola is spreading really rapidly in West Africa right now and I was just thinking, do you think ebola has the potential to become a global ...

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Me and partner don't have sex properly because I got infection white water leaks from my vagina for

... past 2 years what to do? iam worried please suggest ...

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Do I really have UTI or something else?

last friday I went to the doctor to find out why I am urinating so much. they took a urine sample and said possible bladder ...

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