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What is it like, to experience trauma and temporary amnesia concerning it?

Writing a book, want to be accurate. Character experiences a traumitizing event, gets injured and forgets some details which of course surface later ...

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Injured shoulder. May get fired. Need a plan?

Here's what happened: injured my shoulder a while back. I tried various conservative treatments with limited success. It eventually got somewhat ...

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In Iron Man, how did Tony Stark get injured?

In the 2008 Iron Man movie starring Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, and Jeff Bridges.

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Jaw Problems?

My name is Kyle and I got into a car accident in 2012 when a drunk driver hit me and my girlfriend. Luckily and unfortunately it was who got injured. We ...

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If one body part is ill or injured or unable to work,how will the other body parts help?

Write about one such occasion with the help of your experience or imagination

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So I dislocated my finger in basketball while reaching for the ball. I can't move the tip of my?

... finger. But my parents just left the house and they said," ...

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