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What are these little white insects on my body ?

I have tried showering chemicalsss heatt with drier and steam iron nothing killing them they are small white and cant be crushed look like they have ...

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I need to heat a 5,000 sqft warehouse (insulated) and keep it at 30C all year. Any idea of costs?

I'm looking at breeding insects on a commercial scale and need to keep a 5,000 sqft warehouse with 16ft ceiling (well insulated) and 30 degrees ...

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In line 32, the discussion of insects returns to a focus on the America burying beetle. What?

... rhetorical device does Goodall use to shift the discussion? How does this device help engage readers in her argument?

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Examples of wingless insects?

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What is your opinion about cricket?

Just asked out of interest. This is about the sport cricket, not the insect cricket!

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Science - in an ecosystem, birds depend on insects to survive. if someone put pesticide to control?

... insect population what will happen to the bird population? A. ...

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Why is my cat eating every insect that she sees?


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I can resist the urge to kill every bug that appears in my garden since I know that most insects are

... in the fact beneficial ladybug is not a harmful bug because it

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