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Why do I have to pay for prescriptions when the Welsh Scottish and Irish DONT!!?

I believe the Good old NHS would be greatly helped if paying for prescriptions was compulsory for all citizens of Great Britain and not just the ...

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Why is the Book of Leinster important?

A. It granted Brian Boru the title "imperator scotorum" B. It included the Irish epic the Tain, it was written at Clonmacnoise, and it ...

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Why are the names McDonald and MacDonald spelt differently?

Is it because one is Scottish the other Irish

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Do irish people have to wear green on st patrick day?

holiday to wear green or you get pinch

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I'm having problems with my share horse?

Hi everyone I loan a 14.3hh Irish sports horse and I'm having massive problems with him.sometimes he point blankly refuses ...

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Old dog depressed after getting new one HELP?

I just got new dog. It's a Shiba Inu. We have a dog that is the same age(both 5) who is a Irish terrier. The old dog ...

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Why are Irish dullahans afraid of gold?

In every account I can find it is mentioned that a dullahan fears gold, even in as small a quantity as a pin, but why? Every ...

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What is 'no door ever closed but another opened' in gaelic?

I need this in the old Gaelic language not new irish

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