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About what is asked by the question "custom bundle" when I try to give a thing to the auction at the

...English eBay from Japan? Does the question mean if the thing takes a duty ? I can t give the item to the auction because I can t understand the ...

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Has anyone ever visited Nikko, Japan?

I am a teacher in Nikko city, Tochigi prefecture, Japan. Please answer the nine questions of my school students and cooperate with their research ...

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I am an international divorcee. I live separately from my divorced husband. I live in Japan with...

...my child. I have a chronic illness, I can not work properly and I am poor. I am looking for a human rights group whose Japanese is understood in ...

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Where to travel for 2-3 weeks HURRY PLEASE?

the country needs to be cheap/1.0 USD = 1.2+ of other about 15 days worth of stuff to do for hours at a time(museums tourist ...

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Do you have any questions about Japan?

Hi, I'm a Japanese student. I'm curious to know what you think bad or weird about us. For example religion or whale ...

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Quinceanera or japan?

For my 15th birthday i wanna have a quince but i love japanese culture and wanna go there to but which one. i know its my opinion but quince you ...

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Will I be allowed to land in Japan for a connecting flight while Im deported from Japan?

I'm currently deported from Japan for 5 years, 2 remaining. My question is, ...

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Why did the United States support the formation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization?

A. To prevent Japan from developing an atomic bomb B. To prepare for a ...

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