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I found a snake skin in my jeep I haven't seen the snake its been a couple months and I don't...

...think snakes like the heat so I was wondering if it could be hiding in the dash? I don't think it could but that's my question. Could it?

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Why won't climate control turn on on a 2015 jeep Cherokee Latitude?

Took dash, headliner and steering wheel out replaced airbags and module replaced windshield now climate control will not turn on. It worked before ...

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Why does my '02 Jeep Grand Cherokee shake violently when braking downhill?

My Jeep was fine until right after I got the brakes replaced, now it shakes violently when I ...

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Jeep Wrangler or Dodge Challenger?

I like both cars but for different reasons! The Jeep has more room and you can take it almost anywhere including off road, plus it gets ...

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