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If you had to convince another qualified applicant not to pursue this opportunity, what two things?

architecture job application, architecture job interview, architect, architecture internship

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Would majoring in international studies or biology be more effective for getting a job?

Which major would probably give me a better job? I'm interested in both majors and am having a hard time deciding.

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What is a job analysis?

is a Job analysis something you write for the job so you know what to look for in a person?

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What are some of the legal issues in declaring bankruptcy?

If I declare that I am bankrupt, how will this affect me in the future for getting jobs? building a company? ...

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I love a girl. she also love me. but my family never accept this love and marriage. because she is?

... doing a job. and i am a student of Iubc in chittagong. so please ...

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How I will motivate myself?

means mentally i will not able to concentrate on my task little little things hurt me like in the interview I know that i deserve that job but ...

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Pregnancy question?

I am 16 and just got my first boyfriend, and I was wondering if I can get pregnant from fingering or hand jobs? I haven't done anything with him ...

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