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I’m trying to move and my potential landlord wants to join the police academy in FL.

He is going to submit my and my partners ID cause they need to know who he lives with. I have a misdemeanor possession charge in FL and my partner ...

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Graphics Card?

When I try to join a ROBLOX game, it says my Graphics Card is too old. When I checked, I saw that it is. Please help me!

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If illuminati is bad why do celebs join?

if illuminati is bad, why do so many people join? what do they do? do they literally sell their souls? how do they join, and / or ...

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Now that the old MSN chat rooms are gone, are there any places set up in a similar fashion?

the only rp chat I can find now are forums you have to join and I'd ...

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College dropout?

I've dropped out in and am doing a small job in my town because of some financial problems. Im now going to join again(freshly in new ...

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What are some ways to help the environment feel like a better place?

I want to join an environmental facility and help the Earth feel like a better place than have trash ...

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