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What does it mean when a guy friend (from Britain) calls you "pet"?

I have this guy friend and he says calling me "pet" is like a joke from Britain? But I'm not quite sure.

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I made a joke that I wanted to see SpongeBob the musical and my bf bought them should I change it?

The joke I made is I wanted to see SpongeBob musical but I don’t want to see and my Boyfriend took it seriously. What should I do

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What are 3 moon jokes?


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What does it mean if he touches my upper thigh?

I have a guy friend that I always joke around with, typical middle school flirting. Sometimes we joke around and hit each ...

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I had a fight with my gf after a guy made a joke on fb about having sex with her?

The guy is in his mid 40's and is a friend of a friend and a bit of a sleaze ...

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Should I tell my female friend that I'm attracted to her? (I'm a girl)?

We've been friends for four years, ever since high school we've been best friends. We ...

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Does he like me back?

his name is Gavin. When we switch classes he offers to carry my books and stuff. He teaches me games and make me laugh with his jokes. And he always ...

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Why did the goose cross the road?

Why did the goose cross the road

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