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All at once I notice my daughters 5 year old goldfish hadn’t eaten in a while, was sitting at the...

... bottom of the tank with a bloody nose (soon observed trying to jump out of the tank) and blood coming out of his gills. Convinced he was in pain ...

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Is it possible to fly?

i have a friend whos little brother is trying to fly he says he will jump off the roof and start flying soo i told him id ask you guys and so ...

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Is the term "butt in line" or "bud in line"?

Used in a sentence: "Julia just asked Frank to butt in line at the store because she was in a hurry." Used to ...

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My car won't start?

My car won't start, all the lights on the dashboard work, get a click sound when I turn the key, won't jump start, just starts by push

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