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Should I graduate early?

If I'm a freshman and want to graduate early junior year because i would like to become a dermatologist. I don't like the cliques and some ...

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Where can I find a placment for a junior Mechatronics Engineer in Ontario?

I'm in Grade 10 going into 11 and I'm looking for a placement at a company in southern Ontario that could take in a apprentice looking to ...

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Guys - this guy that I liked at skool.btw he was a senior and I am a junior.and normally I wouldnt?

... fall for this type of guy cuz he is a playboy. and i just dont ...

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• Guys answer plz •?

Do guys (in Junior High) like girls who show some skin? Like, girls who wear short shorts and belly shirts and stuff like that. Do guys in like ...

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I have a stalker - Help me before I go insane O.o?

She has been stalking me for over a year now (even though we both are in Junior High, i still consider her a stalker). ...

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What's a sample letter to a college coach look like?

If you are a junior or senior in high school, it is important to take an active role in the college recruiting.

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High school is stressing me out!?

I'm a junior and I know I should be worried because it's an important year for me but I don't feel like I have the ...

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