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Fantasy baseball trade?

Would you trade: Trout for Matt kemp or Justin upton King felix and joc pederson?

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Computer controller in the film friends with benefits... what is it called?

Justin Timberlake uses a wireless device to control his computer screen, anyone know what it is?

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Why do people look up to celebritys like justin beiber or miley cyrus?

They are not any different than you or i, just famous.

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Who likes justin bieber?

Answer yes or no and why.

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Why do I have to see justin bieber's face everywhere I go?

i try not to let it bother me but right now when i see his face i just want to punch him. they keep making ...

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What does "Shorty" (slang) mean?

I think it is slang. I have heard this word in songs like Sean Kingston- Take You There and Justin Bieber- One Time. As you can see they ...

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