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What killer called his victims mom from a tapped outside phone line?

The killer once worked for a phone company and knew how to tap into a phone line. Was featured on an unsolved crime show.

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I need the name of a movie that aired on SyFy it was a bit of a scary movie where I think the plot?

Was of a woman who was being stalked by a serial killer and he had I believe a white bronco and there were numerous times he almost got her and in ...

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What’s Jane the killers backstory?

I know she is Toby’s mom, but I don’t know her full story?

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I have headache almost every day , sometimes I walk up with headache someimes it comes later?

My headache Starts light then gradually become worse until I feel nausea and ...

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Need help creating a username?

I have the same name as the serial killer from Halloween, but I don't wanna create a username that sounds too crazy maybe something ...

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Why do killer whales have such long tongues?

How long is the average killer whale tongue length?

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What Creepypasta oc name is better?

What Creepypasta oc name is better? 1. Mouthless Julie 2. Sarah The Killer 3. Psycho Sage 4. Bloody Lucy 5. Carrie The Killer ...

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