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An old film Michelle Williams in black butterflies or flowers cardigan she left after kissing a boy?

An old film where Michelle Williams is in a black butterflies or flowers cardigan and saying this is last kiss to a boy and she left after the kiss?

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Has any ever gotten sick from kissing the Blarney Stone?

If everyone is kissing this rock, could it pick disease? Also if it is expose to the elements and animals, could it have bacteria that could be ...

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I'm 17 and I've never been kissed. I'm a diabetic and managed, but I don't know if guys like me.Help

I am 17 and never been kissed, and I feel bad because everyone in my family has had their first kiss, and I'm the oldest - is this normal? ...

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Should I take the chance?

I want to kiss this boy I like. We've been to each others houses.we r both in 6th grade. Idk If i should because he might tell his parents ...

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Sex before high school ?

Is it still just kissing & hugging and i will let u see mine if you let me see yours, to maybe a BJ. Or are they going all the way full sex ?

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Why do I feel insecure about my relationship with my gf?

Well, my gf doesn't feel comfortable hugging me and kissing me.When the girls a.k.a HATERS are around. She ...

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Is this normal????

I keep on getting bad feelings like whether am i sinning when i even see two people kissing?????? and whn i see people having sex in the movies... they ...

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What should I do if I like my best friend but I have a boyfriend?

I like my best friend but I have a boyfriend and they r both best friends what should I do if I like my ...

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