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What are the three main functions of a kitchen supervisor?

Based on technical functions, social and administrative functions

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Is this a bad sign or am I seeing things?

Today I went into the kitchen to get some food. I saw some smoke that was staying at chest level. I checked if anything was cooking or burning but ...

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What is the use of heat lamps in Buffet sneeze guards?

I usually see an equipment, heat lamp with Commercial Kitchen Equipment at restaurants. What actually it’s used for?

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Is it possible to install Hardwood flooring in kitchen?

I would like to install hardwood flooring in my new kitchen but I have heard some disadvantages of hardwood so is ...

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What if spouse gets a new dog (tells u he's going to be an outdoor dog-cuz u r allergic) then?

constantly brings him in the house? There are dog hairs everywhere; on the ...

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My mom punched me in the eye?

A few months ago, I was in the kitchen with my mom. She looked into the fridge and asked me what I wanted for dinner and I said "I dont ...

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Do you wash your dirty towels or mop heads in your washer?

In my house, we use towels as mop on the floor to keep the house clean, especially in the kitchen and ...

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We are looking for fresh designs in kitchen cabinets. Where should we start exploring?

We are looking for fresh designs in kitchen cabinets. Where should we start ...

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