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I have a longhair female cat. I want her to have longhair kittens.Will the dad need to be longhair?

Will the dad need to be long hair or short hair?

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Should I report the vet?

What horror my 3 weeks old kitten might have went through? My kitten who was fine the other day caught symptoms of diarrhea today and had light ...

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Got a kitten food aggressive bites hisses lunges when bottle fed how to stop behavior?

we found out the kitten was 3 weeks old and needed to be bottle fed. however she bites and scratches and hisses when we attempt yo feed her and we ...

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How do you ask your parents to get you a kitten?

I'm responsible. Okay? My mom is only mildly allergic to dogs and we have a hair-tastic one. My dad GREW UP with ...

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How do I convince my dad to get me a kitten?

My mom is A-okay with it. That is SO cool, I thought SHE'D be the tough one. My dad, though, well, he grew up with cat ...

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Types of Cats? :/?

I am planning on getting two kittens... But, I've seen so many breeds, I can't choose, here's what I'm looking for: Has to have ...

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I have 3 two week old kittens 2 of witch have all white eyes with no pupil should I be worried?

they act like normal kittens only the don't seem to see anything ...

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Can I use Systane Ultra lubricant eye drops on my cat?

My kitten is less than a year old and I have noticed that he has discharge coming out of his eye, he is always ...

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