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How to give time delay to switches for drawing plc ladder diagram?

6phases for lamps who to give delay in phase 2,4,6

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A batch of 5000 electric lamps has a mean life of 1000 hours and a standard deviation of 75...

... hours. Assume a normal distribution. i) How many lamps will fail before ...

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how is it possible for a man to drive in the night without hitting a mad man on the way.*********** NOTE-there was no brake light, and the strrt lamps were off.

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Who invented the fluorescent lamp?

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How to measuement fluorescent lamp?

I want to build a samll lab for test 50Hz/60Hz T8/T12 tube and 25KHz T5 Tube, please kindly provide some suggestions

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Logic - ON/OFF of lamps .,inputs:-I/P1-start PB1 for pump1,I/P2-stop PB2 for pump1,I/P3-start PB3?

... for pump2,I/P4-stop PB4 for pump2 output:-o/p1:-green ...

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