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What are the best resources for learning Serbian?

It can be websites, grammar books, youtube channels, movies, etc. Given the focus on Eastern Slavic languages I find it hard to obtain information on ...

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Am I allowed to speak in my own language here or is that not allowed?

Okay, so I’m from Lisbon, Portugal. I feel much more comfortable speaking Portuguese than English. I am asking you if I am allowed to speak in ...

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How to know if a unknown girl really likes you by her body language?

Please let me know what is this there is a girl, I like. I think she also likes me. because she ...

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4th language to learn?

I am 17 year old czech boy and I kind of have talent on languages, I already know czech, english and german and I would like to learn 4th language, ...

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How many languages do you speak and what is your age?

I'm doing a school project and want to know how many languages a person speaks and what there age is. Im trying ...

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Math riddle?

There are 100 students ( 75 speak English, 83 of them speak German, 10 of them don't speak any language) How many of this students speak two languages.

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