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I have this problem with laughing at the worst possible time?

I wonder if there’s any reason behind it or if there was a way I could stop. I laugh when I’m angry, sad, telling the truth, or if ...

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Trying to keep up with popularity?

I have no friends. Can someone fill me with the current popular games, memes, sites, etc? I usually find myself laughing at rage-comic-memes from 2 ...

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Ugh. Okay so I think I have a huge problem. I can't be the only one. I have a laughing problem. Like

... I literally laugh at anything and everything. It's really embarrassing and it's to the point where I can't even do presentaitions ...

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Im looking for a song.Its starting with a baby laughing or something like that .HelpMePleaseoldsong?

I heard a good song today but i dont know the song name , please help ...

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What is the laughing at the beginning of songs? ex: bounce back, X?

i've been wondering what this laugh is at the beginning of songs. i don't know if it's ...

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She said she is not sure if she likes me as.more than a friend but still flirts with me?

So she was flirting with me lots, ie smiling, staring, laughing, touching me, ...

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Why do I feel sudden waves of sadness?

It happens at random times. I'll be laughing with friends and suddenly I feel my heart kind ofaink and then I'm suddenly ...

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Does he like me should I ask him out?

Ok so I've had this guy friend since like the 4th grade we used to be super close not as much anymore (we're in 7th now) ...

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