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My neighbour was hit by a small stick from my tree. I am worried she will take legal action!?

My neighbour was hit by a falling stick from one of my trees and it caused a small bruise. She has written a complaint to us and asked us to remove ...

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C++ game programing?

can any one help me with my project its about designing a game the game concept is the player has to find the longest legal word that can be ...

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Is it legal for a 15 year old to date a 19 year old?

Ive been dating a person that is 19 and im 15. Is it illegal?

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What are some of the legal issues in declaring bankruptcy?

If I declare that I am bankrupt, how will this affect me in the future for getting jobs? building a company? ...

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What happens if a woman has aids and don't tell you before she?

has sex with you and gives you the HIV virus? What kind of legal trouble would she be in?

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What type of atty do I contact to bring suit against media for releasing harmful info?

In an on going police investigation of a sexual predator, the media released ...

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