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If a teenager is being abused when they report it to CPS will they be forced to go home?

My friend is being abused by her parents. She said the only way she will tell is if she can live with me and not return home. Is that legal and can ...

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Is it legal to force your atheist son into a catholic school if he refuses?

If An Atheist Son Doesn't Want To Go To A Catholic School. Is It Legal For His Parents To Force Him To Go To One?

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I need legal counsel I cannot afford to prove the first G&C is negligent, what do I do?

Hello. I am a new legal guardian and conservator living in NY for a protected person living in Oregon. The former legal guardian (son) and ...

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What are some of the legal issues in declaring bankruptcy?

If I declare that I am bankrupt, how will this affect me in the future for getting jobs? building a company? ...

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Is it legal for a 15 year old to date a 19 year old?

Ive been dating a person that is 19 and im 15. Is it illegal?

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What happens if a woman has aids and don't tell you before she?

has sex with you and gives you the HIV virus? What kind of legal trouble would she be in?

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What type of atty do I contact to bring suit against media for releasing harmful info?

In an on going police investigation of a sexual predator, the media released ...

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