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Which is the safest lift for home in India?

The safest lift for homes in India is offered by Multitech Elevator.

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What weight dumbbells should a 15 yr old boy lift for compound movements?

I only have a 10 and 20 lbs sets of weights.

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If your heart is NOT strong enough or efficient enough, it is difficult to?

A) stretch B) lift weights C) breathe D) perspire

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Can you still become a police officer with a criminal record?

I had this conversation with a couple of friends, so I am curious. If somebody has a criminal record, for ...

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A farmer has to lift up a boulder 12 inches in the air in order to put it in his wagon. The boulder?

... is 2000 bf. The farmer has the following tools available: a ...

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Hi I have something on my gum, it's the bottom gum by my back tooth on the left. Really annoying?

It feels really annoying not sure if it's serious it don't ...

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How do cranes lift heavy loads?

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