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What watt light bulb for living room?

Selecting the appropriate wattage for light bulbs in your living room depends on factors such as room size, desired brightness, and the type of ...

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Thought, what is it? Speed of light, what is it?

Everything travels at the speed of light, EVEN THOUGHT. Is this a true statement? Everything is made of light? Is this a true story? Matter can ...

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Where should wall lights be placed?

Wall lights can be strategically placed in various areas of your home, such as the living room for accent lighting, the bedroom for bedside ...

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I need new clothes for school. What would you suggest?

I am a 13-year old. I usually wear white sneakers, light blue jeans that my mom bought on sale and a yellow top. I ...

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How to choose quality LED light?

I urgently need to renovate house, I have been hearing that LED lighting is not only fashionable, but known as energy-saving and ...

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The last 3 weeks, ive been really light headed, i never usually sweat and im sweating no stop, i have the worst cramps ...

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