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Is it possible to be pregnant?

Last time I was intimate was Nov. 28th. Took a morning after next day and got my period. Getting my periods sin e then but seems a little lighter ...

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Are electric lighters more eco friendly?

What is the most environmentally friendly lighter

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A lighter heavy clay timber type soil that has been in a corn soybean rotation for several...

... years, then used as a truck patch. What makes the surface of the soil have a red or rust color after a rain and the soil surface dries?

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Google - Hi, my period came 2 days late and it is a lot lighter than usual. I haven't had sex, and?

... I'm freaking out because I don't know what is wrong ...

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I woke up with a burning pain on my finger, it´s swollen. anyone have any idea what it could be?

There seems to be a red ring around the lighter swollen area.. i ...

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Need help on this math question?

Watermelon one is by 2 kilograms lighter than watermelon two and 5 times lighter than watermelon three. Watermelons one and three ...

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OK so I've been told that a balloon floats because helium its lighter than air?

So...if there was an earth like planet with an atmosphere made of helium,what would happen ...

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Problem of physics?

two bodies of different masses move such that they have equal kinetic energies. Which of the bodies, lighter or heavier one, will have more momentum? ...

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