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Emancipation from Lincoln a photobiography by Russell Freedman questions?

1. what does his hesitation indicate about the limits of his power as president to hold the Union factions together? 3. what did Lincoln mean and ...

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1996 Lincoln mark 8?

My key broke off in the ignition. So in order to replace the ignition cylinder would i have to remove the steering wheel or not?

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What is the name of the tall black hat ?

The one that Abraham Lincoln wore ?

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Who is Abraham Lincoln?

Please answer it with easy words. I am struggling to understand english right now. What did Abraham Lincoln did to finish the Civil war and what ...

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Have a question about Abraham Lincoln's “The Gettysburg Address"?

According to Lincoln, how is the Civil War testing the United States? A. The war is testing whether a ...

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Why should I see the movie Lincoln?

Im writing a critic review on the movie Lincoln that just came out. And I cant think of three points that make it such a good movie. ...

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