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Can I deduct defaulted student loan interest that has gone to collections that I've been paying on?

So I've been paying back on the interest of my defaulted student loans and it has since been removed from the collection agency as of December ...

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If I have old student loans from 2002 that I have paid on but haven't been able to in the past...

... four years because of imprisonment. Can I get approved for the forgiveness program or something like that?

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Math help please?

Mitchell took out a loan for $1100 at a 19.2% APR, compounded monthly, to buy a scanner. If he will make monthly payments of $71.50 to pay off the ...

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Can I get a personal loan?

I have a poor credit but have a financial emergency and really need a loan. Please give some suggestions.

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I wish to get a loan?

I wish to get a loan? I thought that I have to take a payday loan but my friend told that these loans are unsecured loans. Please make me know the ...

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Im looking for a business loan and tring to get around the down payment?

Im looking to expand my current business with a business loan. But don't have the down ...

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Can I file bankruptcy on student loans over 30yrs old?

can i file bankruptcy on unemployment that i owe?

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Where can I download a loan agreement for free?

I got a personal loan from my bank for £16000. £380 per month for 48 months therefore it will be approximately ...

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