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I am trying to log out of an Instagram account but account is still logged in?

How do I get rid of it? When I press “log out of account” it just switches me to my other account and the account I wanted to log out of ...

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Instagram - My husband said he deactivated his account yesterday its appears again?

He says he has no idea how I looked in his log in it shows no login for yesterday- any idea what or how this happened? Is he lying ? Did he log on ...

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Recently, someone attempted to log into my Instagram account and-failing to do so- resulted in my?

... password being reset. Which is totally fine because I know the ...

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How do I log into tumblr using gmail?

before i was able to just use my gmail account to log into tumblr it appeared to create my tumblr account just from the gmail i was ...

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Is log3(x)=log(3x) true or false ?

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How do you log out of "Instalikes"?

I downloaded an app called "Instalikes" and signed in with my Instagram username and password but now I don't know how ...

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How do you log off of a gmail account and log in with another?

My wife and I share multiple computers and from time to time need to log in and out of separate gmail ...

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