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People say that I'm not Christian if I don't get baptized, I love Jesus just as much as the next Chr

If I'm not baptized but still have universal sized faith in my ...

15 answers | | Open

If everything depends on my actions/deeds then what is the effect of praying/rituals/astrology n all

Now I'm losing faith after realising that everything depends on ...

7 answers | | Open

Islamic - What are quick and good ways - for thanking Allah swt?

[In case of achieviments, hearing good news, good results, going through a quranic ayat that asks you to ...

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Do I watch The Hobbit first or The Lord of the Rings?

I really want to know because I bought both of them(I've never seen any) and I want to know which one to watch ...

3 answers | 1 star | Open

Did johosaphat really kill his daughter for the lord?

after johosaphat return from the battle in victory and saw his daughter first. did he immediately kill the daughter ...

2 answers | 1 star | Open

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