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There was a snap back cap that I had that I told I was wondering if this reminds any of you of it?

So I had this dark blue snap back and from the top view it was all one dark blue colour but the bottom of the lip of the cap there was this monster ...

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What are some part time jobs for high school students that dont require much standing?

I deal with physical pains such as fibromyalgia and was wondering if anyone knew of some odd jobs or part time jobs that don't require standing ...

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I am 13 and I weigh 140 lbs, and I would really like to weigh a HEATHLY 100 lbs, help?

I really would like to be comfy in my own skin, not have thigh fat or no extra ...

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Want to reduce my weight with Homeopathic medicines?

Hi, I am living in Los Angeles and worried due to my obesity. My weight is over 130lbs and I want to reduce it now. ...

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Where can I download a loan agreement for free?

I got a personal loan from my bank for £16000. £380 per month for 48 months therefore it will be approximately ...

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Does my coworker like me the same way as I like her?

Im a lesbian girl, although some people think I am I havent came out with this yet.. there is a girl whom I was ...

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Hi all, thanks in advance if you take the time to answer this - it means a lot. I will try keep?

... this short. But my now ex TEXT me today to say he's going back ...

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