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How do you politely refuse service to customers that smell like marijuana?

I work at a place where you can do an activity but cannot be intoxicated in any way due to saftey concerns. What is the polite way to acknowledge ...

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Is marijuana good or bad for your health?

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Should Marijuana Be a Medical Option?

I am doing this for a project and I need some options for the work. Please give some answers. Thank you

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I want to do drugs because my life is boring! But I keep telling myself not to! What should I do?

lately I have wanted to smoke marijuana for the fun of it! i have never ...

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HELP !!!!????????

Okay guys so basically this Tuesday I smoked some marijuana with a friend and well I don't really smoke the last time I did was like last year ...

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Can a medical marijuana card holder live with someone that is a federal employee??

I live with someone that is a federal employee and I'm trying to get my medical ...

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Is Medical Marijuana a Sin?

First off I dont smoke Marijuana. My friend's dad does and he has a brain tumor caused by chemical exposure during the gulf war. He says ...

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Will marijuana ever be legal in the U.S?

Marijuana is the largest cash crop in the U.S., with hundreds of millions of dollars being lost as potential tax revenue that ...

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