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Marine Corps- Military Law related?

Marine Corps barracks questions I'm stationed in 29 Palms and we recentlh have a new battalion BEQ manager, a new Ssgt. He's been here for ...

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When do me and my man have to get married if we become marines so that we....

...don't get separated when based? Do we have to get married before boot camp, or after boot camp and before taken to school of infantry, or can ...

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Why does the U.S. need a Marine Corps?

give me a plausible reason for your answers...

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My husband and I are sperated. He's marine. Who can I call on the military base to make him pay up?

We've been seperated for about 2 mnths and he still hasn't ...

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Can a wolf biologist (from america) help people in aussie understand dingoes?

im a 16 year old trying to decide what i want to do im between marine bio particularly ...

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How come I never hear news about the Army's Infantry but always the Marines?

Like about the Missions and what they do...because when i look at the Army's military ...

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Harassed for being gay by marine?

is their anything i could do if this happens again? i was putting gas in my car with my boyfriend and we were just talking to eachother ...

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