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What is this virus I have?

So I’ve been sick all week and my Mom has been making me go to work every day, but I’m wearing a mask at all times and taking it off when ...

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Legality of filming people in public?

If a person's face is partially covered by a mask(covid)...can I use their image in my film project without their consent? I have footage of a ...

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What is the Manicure Services?

Manicures. Includes nail shaping, cuticle care, exfoliating scrub or mask, hand massage and polish application.

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What types of mask are there which can cover your mouth?

I'm writing a fantasy world where the good guys wear part of a mask to shield their identity and make sure ...

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How do I mask my feelings for a boy that I like at school ? But he has a girlfriend :/?

I like him alot ! He tells me his girlfriend flirts with other boys so I help him ...

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If I have heart disease but need to go to pharmacy. Should I wear a mask and gloves?

I need to get my prescriptions and I have underlying health issues. Is it safe for me?

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What types of mask are there that covers mouths?

I'm writing a fanfiction about gangs and the main protagonists get caught. So I would like to use the mask that ...

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Is it dangerous to use an old gas mask as an halloween mask?

I'm thinking of ordering one to use as an halloween mask, but the store warns that the filter is old ...

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